Consumer Workshop 2

Prerequisite: Consumer Workshop 1
Class time: 4 hours
Cost: $45 (you will receive $25 in bitcoins to spend in the exercises or later at your liesure)

  • Your personal phone, tablet, laptop running Windows, Mac iOS, Android, or Linux.
  • Bank account login information, and/or account information.
  • Uploadable image of your drivers license and recent utility bill.

This class will teach you how to use bitcoin in your daily life.

  • to find traders who will help you buy or sell your bitcoin property.
  • Use to link your bank account. This is the cheapest, safest, and most reliable way to get in/out of bitcoin. It works just like Paypal.
  • Signup with Shift Visa. Spending your bitcoins is as easy as swiping your credit card and enables you to spend them anywhere Visa is accepted.
  • Use to buy anything available on and save 10-50% doing it.
  • Using and finding bitcoin ATMs.
  • Identifying online bitcoin-accepting merchants
  • (optional) Buy real bitcoins to be used in an online purchase during the workshop.
  • Dealing with capital gains/losses, and other important tax implications