We have been involved in the crypto currency space since 2010. In the light of the creation of Bitcoin, our passion for personal financial privacy and responsibility set us on an amazing journey of learning everything there is to know about blockchain technology. It is nothing short of the most advanced and unexplored frontier that humanity has ever witnessed since the Internet itself was created.

Not only are we emphatically excited about continuing our study of Blockchain technology, we are just as excited to teach and share what we have learned with anyone willing to listen. Our time in the cryptocurrency space has led us on many tours that taught us how to think and understand this new creation. We’ve met some of the most brilliant minds that created it, contributed our own code to it, built infrastructure for public use, and fostered its communities and subculture along the way.

It is our promise to you that after your time with us in the classroom and workshops, you will come away with your own excitement and a very strong understanding of Blockchain technology, no matter where you are coming from on your journey or technical background.